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St Joseph's School

Education for the future

As followers of Christ, we place a high importance on quality education so that our children may become the intelligent, faithful, well-rounded and considerate adults that God is calling them to be.


Considered one of the premier education establishments in the Avon Valley, St Joseph's School provides the learning environment for students to excel and reach their full potential. Excellence in core-disciplines of Maths, English, Social Studies and Sciences, the teachers at St Joseph's recognise where individual students are at, and where they're capable of being. 


St  Joseph also includes great extra-curricular opportunities such as kayaking, music, sports, the arts, excursions, camps and more, to provide a holistic school experience. 

Unfortunately, numbers are limited, and some year group do have waiting lists. Please do not delay in calling the school to discuss enrollments. To visit the school website, click on the link below.

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