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Community Outreach

Giving people a helping hand

One of the principle duties and aims of our parish is to be mindful of those who are doing it tough in our shire.


As Christians, we have been commissioned by the Lord to care for the poor, sick and needy.


We strive to empower people to realise their God given dignity and to provide them the material means in which to live a meaningful and dignified life. As such, we have established St Joseph's Care our community outreach program.


The outreach projects that we currently have in place are:

  1. Emergency Food Relief & Food Hampers (Tuesdays at 7am, or any time of emergency);

  2. Soup Kitchen (Thursday evenings/Winter);

  3. Sausage Sizzle (Thursday evenings/Summer); 

  4. Op Shop (Fridays 9am - 1pm); and

  5. Christmas Food Hampers.

These outreach programs serve to provide a person with:

  • nourishment (Food Hampers);

  • a sense of community by sitting down with others (Soup Kitchen/Sausage Sizzle),

  • and bits and bobs for their home (Op shop).

We appreciate all the support that we receive for these programs;

  • from the volunteers who generously give up their time,

  • families around town who donate items for re-distribution,

  • staff and students at St Joseph's School,

  • the small businesses that donate various goods, and

  • to the supermarkets in town who have been instrumental in helping us.

  • We are also grateful to LotteryWest and Directions for their ongoing support.

The Servite Sisters and Claire are the driving force of these initiatives.

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