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Music Ministry

Let us give thanks and praise!

Music is so important to our lives and has a powerful influence: just think, do you listen to the radio? What's your favourite song?


Music in the liturgy represents Jesus himself, who sang psalms with the apostles at the Last Supper (Mt 26:30; Mk 14:26)


Thus, music is an integral part of our participation in the work of God. For “when song and music are signs of the Holy Spirit’s presence and action, they encourage, in a certain way, communion with the Trinity” (John Paul II, Address to the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, 3; Chirograph on Sacred Music, 3)


Music within the context of the liturgy has these effects:

  • Prayer is given a more graceful expression.

  • The mystery of the liturgy, with its hierarchical and community nature, is more openly shown.

  • The unity of hearts is more profoundly achieved by the union of voices.

  • Minds are more easily raised to heavenly things by the beauty of the liturgy.

  • The whole celebration more clearly prefigures the heavenly liturgy

If you want to get involved, or have a question to ask, please speak to Lloyd Reidy our Music director.

Formal Choir Performance
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