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The Last Things

Death, Heaven, Hell

Its perhaps the most uncomfortable reality to talk about - worse than dentistry. Death, heaven and hell. Nevertheless, to pretend that these three realities don't exist doesn't help anyone. The truth is we will all die at one stage, and eventually we end up in Heaven or Hell.


God is love, and we are created to be in communion with God and with one another - for eternity! God wills for everyone, all men and women, to gain eternal life. Human beings have free will though, so God offers the gift of grace, but a person must freely accept and then cooperate with God's grace. God does not impose or force salvation on anyone.

Sin (wrongdoing, transgressions) weakens, or sometimes (depending on the severity of the matter) can even break, the relationship we have with God and with others. Our choice to not respond to God's love for us, or not care for others as we have been called to, extinguishes the state of grace that we receive at Baptism. Alternatively, when we do respond to God's love wholeheartedly, and care about others in their best interest, we become all that God intends us to be.


God wants us to live our life to the full - he became man, suffered and died so that we could, and should. Ultimately, therefore it is by the merits of Jesus Christ that we are afforded the opportunity of eternal life.

Let us therefore challenge and encourage one another to become the people that we are capable of being - faithful, hopeful and charitable people. Let us contemplate the great love that God has for us, that: he became man! that he suffered and died for us! that he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven leading us to follow him to eternal life! Let us lead lives that make it easier for each of us to become all that we are called to be.


Jesus, I trust in You.

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