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Healing & Reconciliation

After Baptism we are still prone to temptation and sin, and so we require the Sacrament of Penance on a regular basis to be reconciled with Christ and his Church again. This is a sacrament of forgiveness, healing and peace, and we have Our Lord's assurance that his love, mercy and patience with us has no limits.

This Sacrament is celebrated at 05:00 pm to 05:25 pm on Saturday at the Church, or by appointment.


Please find here: an Examination of Conscience for Children and a guide to confession for Adults.

During Lent and Advent we also celebrate the Second Rite of Reconciliation as a reminder that all of our sins have an impact on the entire community. This Sacrament is sometimes called Confession as we confess our sins in order to receive God's forgiveness. Many may not realise today, but all mortal sins (serious sins committed deliberately and with full knowledge) need to be forgiven through this Sacrament, and one should not receive Holy Communion after committing a mortal sin and having not confessed it in this sacrament. All Catholics are to bound to celebrate this sacrament once a year.

If you haven't been to the Sacrament of Reconciliation for a long time, don't worry, the priest will gently guide you through. You may also prefer to celebrate this sacrament with another priest in another parish.

If you travel to Perth; the Cathedral and All Saints Chapel in the city, also have regular Confession times beginning at 11:00am every week day.

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