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Friendship & Brotherhood

The Catenians is an association of Christian (Catholic) laymen who are committed to their Faith, their families, to those in need and to each other. Our primary purpose is to establish a network of friends, which enhances our family life, strengthens our Faith and sustains us in difficult times. We support each other, the Catholic Church, young people and those in need. We are real men, facing the real issues of our day - we are a band of brothers.

Our friendships are developed through meeting together locally once a month and enjoying a varied programme of social events together with our families and the widows of members. We invite you to call us and find out more, do not hesitate.

Our Aims

  1. To foster brotherly love among our members and to develop social bonds among our members and their families

  2. To support one another in the practice of our Faith.

  3. To support and encourage Brothers, their families and widows as needs arise.

  4. To support Brothers in difficulty or need including maintaining and administering benevolent funds through the Catenian Association Benevolent and Children’s Fund

  5. To advance the interests and development of young Catholics and to assist them in the choice or pursuit of a career, including the promotion and support of the Catenian Association Bursary Fund

  6. To help our clergy and to encourage and support vocations to the religious life in appropriate ways.

  7. To support charities which the Circle, Province or Association considers are worthy and relevant

If you would like to learn more about the Catenians, please call Clinton on 9622 12 59

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