Our Priest

The Pastor

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As Parish Priest, I would like to warmly welcome you and your family to St Joseph Catholic Community, Northam.

Our desire is ‘to live a Christian life with all human values’. Our hope is that one day we will achieve this Christian life with the fullness of human values; by the grace of the sacraments, teachings of the church and the charitable work which we do in our community.

Having been established over 100 years ago, our Northam catholic community continues to thrive on the belief that our church is a living one. Throughout this time, St Joseph Parish has been a home of worship for many Catholics in the local area and it has seen people of all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds being drawn together by their common faith in our loving God.


Our parish is a community filled with generous individuals who give of their time and talents to help one another. It is our sincere hope that you find our parish a spiritual home where friendships are made and where faith is nourished and together we can continue to build the Kingdom of God, not only within our Parish community but within our society.

Once again, on behalf of our community, I welcome you and your family to our community. Visitors are always welcome.

Please visit our Parish Journal to catch up on all that is going on in the Parish and get involved in one our parish groups!

St Joseph's Parish, is an inclusive community that welcomes all in the name of Jesus Christ. You are welcome here!