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Recommended Reading

Readings to help you flourish!

A good book can be transformative!

Please find 4 powerful books that speak to the 4 dimensions of life:

Personal, Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual.

These books are recommended for people 15 years and older, and are to be read in order from 1 to 4.

1. Human Formation

The Rhythm of Life: Living life with passion and purpose

New York Times Bestseller

This bestseller will broaden your perspective, inspire you,

and help to live your life with passion and purpose!

2. Social Formation

Boundaries: When to say Yes, and how to say No

New York Times Bestseller 

We are not solitary, but social beings!

This book is all about building healthy relationships.

How to respect others and protect yourself.

3. Intellectual Formation

Yes or No: Straight Answers to Tough Questions about Christianity

The truth matters. Whether you're engineering an aeroplane,

or investigating whether God exits, logical thinking matters.

This book is not for the heart, but for the head.

4. Spiritual Formation

Jesus Our Eucharistic Love

God loves you - more than you can ever imagine! This book is food for the soul.

Notable mentions on matters of sex and relationships:

My Sisters The Saints will break your heart!

Free Book! - All encapsulating - easy to read, short chapters.

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