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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Mass Times

This year the Christmas Reconciliation and Mass times for the Wheatbelt are:

  • Friday (23rd Dec) - Sacrament of Reconciliation 

    • 5pm - Northam​

  • Saturday (Christmas Eve Mass) (24 Dec)​​​

    • 5:30pm - Northam

    • 5pm - Toodyay

    • 6:30pm - Jennacubine

    • 9pm - Northam

  • Sunday (Christmas Day Mass) (25 Dec)

    • 8am - Northam​

    • 9:30am - Wundowie

    • 10am - Cunderdin​​

  • Monday to Saturday (26 Dec - 31st Dec) (Mass)

    • 9:00am - Northam​

Please note:


The Archbishop has now reinstated the obligation for Christians to gather for the Eucharist every Sunday.


Dear Parents, at your child's baptism you promised to bring up your child in the practice of the faith, by loving God and others. Take this responsibility to heart with regards to attending Mass. Consider researching what other Catholics in despotic places around the world do and risk in order to attend the Sunday Mass. The only thing stopping us from attending Mass is ourselves (and the deceiver)!


Unless you cannot attend for a reasonable cause (eg: illness) it now constitutes a grave matter of immorality not to attend Sunday Mass (breaking of the 3rd of the 10 Commandments of God - that is to say, a failure to keep the Lord's day Holy).

If you feel a bit distant from the church, don't worry, God's love for you hasn't changed one bit. It's up to you to cooperate with his grace and turn back to Him!

Please also keep these 3 things in mind:


  1. During the lead up to Christmas (Advent), in order to prepare well for Christmas, the Church particularly encourages everyone to go to: Confession and receive absolution.​​

    2. The importance of being in: state of grace.​​


    3. Finally, please be mindful of the financial realities of your parish, and your responsibility to support your brothers and sisters in the faith in the upkeep of the parish.

For more information, please read: Holy Days of Obligation

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