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January 2021  


Pope Francis: 2021 - The Year of St Joseph

In light of the 150th anniversary of St Joseph being the patron of the universal church, Pope Francis has announced a Year of St Joseph.

Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,

Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary

To you God entrusted his only Son;

In you Mary placed her trust;

with you Christ became man.

Blessed Joseph, to us too,

show yourself a father

and guide us in the path of life.

Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage,

and defend us from every evil. Amen.

    - Pope Francis



December 2020  


Food Hamper Drive

Over the course of December Fr George and a number of parishioners have been collecting food donations for the parish's annual food hamper drive. This year we received a wonderful response from individuals and businesses around town, including French Hot Bakery, Directions, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. Of course, without the support of St Joseph's School, this wouldn't be possible so we thank all the families, students and staff for their generous contribution. We distributed the food hampers on the 17th and 18th of December to very grateful recipients just in time for Christmas. We thank everyone involved for making this charitable project a real success - God bless!

November 2020  


The Mighty Catenians - Mens's Group

Avon Valley Circle meeting on Thursday 19 November commenced with Mass at 530pm, at which 40 were in attendance. Congregating afterwards in the Kirby Hall Circle Secretary Brian welcomed 3 visiting Brothers, Ralph Fitzpatrick and Prov Pres Lou Daily, with Chris Downey, 4 ladies and ‘visitors’ in 30 gentlemen from Northam and surrounding Parishes at an Information night based on an abbreviated Circle Meeting. Officialdom was kept to a minimum, President of the Circle only vesting, reporting only necessary information, to show the visitors ‘How we did it’.

Having witnessed the operation those invited guests were better informed of procedure, with a report of the Catenian Charity financial support of University students, mentioning the success of Emma Jackson and her thanks to the Catenians for support.

Brother Ralph added the facts that we are not a rigorously ruled restricted organization, Bro Lou commenting on the role of the Association.

We were pleasantly impressed that all persons in the assembly appeared to be actively listening, some with greater interest. After 25 minutes we concluded the meeting and got down to business of spreading out to talk with small groups.    

Refreshments aplenty were on hand, even Sr Nevisa was stalking in the background as she oversighted the operation of the outside sausage sizzle St Joseph’s Care puts on.

Follow-up with the men invited will take place in the near future, while some invites to attend a formal meeting will be issued in the first instance. We also intend having coffee sessions chats.

The evening  incorporated some of the proceedings into a celebration recognizing the anniversary of ordination of Rev Fr Konrad. Congratulations and thanks are extended to Fr Konrad, the Mass and homily were succinct and appropriate. It was a great intro for the night/

Indications were that this format may positively show the benefits of membership, as in the Mass and the opening Meeting prayers mention is made of the names of deceased brothers and other petitions, correcting the impression some expressed they  had thought it was more  social and only for older men.         Minimum age for members is now 18.                                  Brew.

October 2020  


First Filipino Mass

About 200 Filipinos attended the First Filipino Mass at St Joseph’s Church, Northam, Western Australia on 11 October 2020. It was followed by a luncheon at Kirby Hall. The attendees came from different towns.  Most of them were from Wheatbelt Region i.e., Bakers Hill, Beverley, Cunderdin, Dalwallinu, Northam, Toodyay, Wongan Hills, York, and Wundowie.  Some Filipinos from Midvale and other Australian Parishioners also joined the congregation on that day.

Fr Rubenson Cardona, OSM was the main celebrant and were concelebrated by Fr Armando, another Filipino Priest and Fr Konrad Gagatek, Assistant Parish Priest. It was wonderful to have the three Priests saying the Mass together. Their presence made the occasion very special.

The Filipino Mass project was conceptualised mainly to gather all Filipino people and draw them closer to God. It is meant to be held every second Sunday of the Month. Ms Digna Verlinden is the Project Coordinator. Recommendation for approval of this project was made possible through Sr Nevisa. We sincerely thank Ms Digna Verlinden for her diligence and hardwork for making this event possible!

August 2020  

1st Holy Communion

23 young people, their parents, teachers, family and friends, gathered at Church on Sunday, 23rd of August, for Mass and to celebrate their first Holy Communion. Fr George offered the Mass. The young people had been learning about the true meaning of the Eucharist for months at school. It was blessing to be able to finally go to communion and receive the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ. A sincere thanks to the teachers at St Joseph’s, and the RE Parish Coordinator, Mrs Kathy Pollard, for their dedication and hard work, especially with all things COVID happening in the background. Congratulations to all the communicants!

St Joseph's Care - Food Hampers

St Joseph's Care food distribution, commences for volunteers with rising at 5.30am to attend packing food, arranging items to suit the various people. Remember Jesus says: "when you feed one of these, when you provide drink to these, when you share your clothing with these, you are looking at the face of Jesus". People begin arriving soon after 6am to queue for their allocation. Usually  six of seven volunteers gather by 6:30am to commence the distribution catering for as many as 25-30 families. People attend to carry food to those who  live some distance away  who have no transport.  Some walk across town to get to the Hall. The recipients are genuinely grateful for the food received and wish "God Bless"on leaving.

Those who assist feel a sense of belonging, of caring and deep gratitude. It is most heart warming.
- Brew, Chief Parish Journalist

Two special Masses celebrating the Assumption of B.V. Mary, crested great joy!

The Masses honouring the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated on 12 and 13 August, attended by the students and staff of  St. Joseph's School were splendid. The children were attentive and in fine voice participating in the hymns lead by R.E. coordinator Lloyd. Parish Priest Fr George celebrated the Mass with the primary school on the Wednesday with a packed church, whilst on the Thursday the Secondary students attended, again almost filling the church. Fr Konrad celebrated this Mass excelling in the role of pastor to the youth. Such a wondrous occasion and to witness the voice of the choirs singing exultantly was tremendous. 

Congratulations due to the children also for their contribution to St Joseph's Care, through donations of goods and in cooking!

So many examples are present of the power of the Holy Spirit, who according to scripture is our Life giver and Protector.

- Brew, Chief Parish Journalist

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