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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas Hampers

Along with the support of many people and organisations,

including the Northam Christian Ministers Association of the Wheatbelt,

the Parish of Northam is proud to announce:

2022 St Joseph's Christmas Food Hampers!

Who is eligible?

If you:

  • live in the wheatbelt; and

  • have a Centrelink Reference Number (CRN)

your household is eligible for a food hamper.

Is it necessary to register for a food hamper?

Yes! To ensure no one misses out, it is necessary to register.

How much does a Christmas Hamper cost?

It's a gift! It's free. We hope it goes to help you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

How do I/my household register for a Christmas Hamper?

2 ways, either:

  1. Click on the (blue) Docx link below, print the form, fill in the form, and drop off the form at the Parish Office on Tuesday or Wednesday between 10am and 12:30pm; or

  2. Visit Wheatbelt Aboriginal Health Service Centre during opening hours (at 65 Wellington St E, Northam) to complete a form.

By which date must I submit my completed form by?

  • The best way to think about it is; I have to complete my form correctly and submit it within the month of November

  • Forms are accepted until the 9th of December 2022

How long does the Form take to complete?

3 minutes

When do I pick up a Christmas Food Hamper?

  • Thursday, 15th December; or

  • Friday, 16th December

What time?

  • Between 9am and 4pm

From where?

St Josephs Catholic Church Hall, Northam - (see Contact us)

Is there anyone I have to thank?

  • The 2022 St Joseph's Christmas Food Hamper program really is a community effort, there are so many people and organizations involved. Please show your gratitude to the volunteers that will serve you on the day of pick-up. They will accept your words of gratitude on behalf of everyone involved.

God bless you and Merry Christmas! We look forward to receiving your completed form in November and seeing you in December!

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